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Educator Information

Video Questions | Vocab & Discussion | Answers | Activity

 Content Areas:

Mineral characteristics, chemical reactions, gunpowder.

 Grade Levels: 5-8

 National Science Content Standards:

B = Physical Science


While responding to an attack of a Federation outpost, Kirk is kidnapped and placed in a duel. In the process of the duel he finds materials to create gunpowder and construct a crude cannon, which he uses to overcome his opponent.

 Good Science:

Video contains accurate descriptions of the properties of the mentioned rocks and minerals. Correct formula for mixing of gunpowder.

 Bad Science:

There is no known way for a matter transporter system to work.

There is no known way to travel or communicate faster than light.

 Other Information:

Formula for gunpowder: Saltpeter (for nitrates) 75%, charcoal 15%, sulfur 10%

 Media Center Extension:

Provide resources for a student investigation on synthetic diamond production. The investigation should include technical and jewelry applications of diamonds, and the differing points of view concerning the use of synthetic diamonds. Starting points for the investigation include: Apollo Diamond (; Gemesis (; Diamond High Council (; and the DeBeers Corporation (

Assist students in creating a timeline display of the history of gunpowder.

 Web Resources:

bulletAmerican Chemical Society chemistry center:
bulletChem 4 Kids:
bulletHistory of Rocketry:

As the information available on the Web is constantly changing we recommend that you search for new sites that relate to this lesson/film.


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