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Arena: Answers to video questions

 1. tactical

2. destroyed

3. radiation burns, shock, internal injury

4. cold-blooded

5. defensive screens up

6. attacked without warning

7. invasion

8. a solar system

9. inoperable, no power

10. Metrons

11. contest

12. Gorn

13. hits the Gorn in the ears (boxes)

14. minerals

15. hardest

16. sulfur

17. potassium nitrate

18. federation invaded their space

19. charcoal or coal

20. gunpowder

21. black, rock like

22. cannon

23. keep from exploding out

24. 1500

25. mercy


Arena: Suggested discussion answers

1. Answers will vary.

2. European countries colonizing North America. Answers will vary.

3. Answers will vary.

4. The symbol for sulfur is S and the formula for potassium nitrate is KNO3.

5. They both are made of carbon (C).

6. Answers will vary.


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