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Education Resources

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These are some of the resources provided during a workshop on how to integrate electronic text into the teaching situation.
Florida Public School Recommended Reading List with links to electronic texts
Some eBook Libraries
Sample eBooks (in MS Reader's .lit format): Presentation, Article, Article, Notes, Activity Resource

Technology Mapping

Applications and instructions for using online interactive and collaborative maps as educational tools.

Digital Cameras in Education

This site provides information for teachers on how to apply the Digital Camera (a handheld electronic device that digitizes images) in the educational setting. 


Technology Enhanced Literature Circles

The literature circle is a student centered cooperative learning reading activity for a group of four to six students at any grade level or subject area. Using technology applications these enhancements require students to use technology tools such as search engines, paint programs, concept mapping software, and chat rooms.

Classroom Discussions

This site helps teachers by providing a resource for different kinds and approaches to discussions in the classroom and online.

Learning Science with Science Fiction Films

This site provides some of the basic material presented in our book "Learning Science with Science Fiction Films" along with four free lessons.

Science Project Guidebook

The science fair guidebook is a resource for teachers and students about creating a science project and participating in a science fair.

Soda Bottle Hydrology
A resource for Earth Science teaching.  Soda bottle hydrology is a set of lessons to help students understand how water moves through the earth. The activities are designed to give students a better grasp of concepts relating to groundwater, aquifers, and hydrology.
Booktalk Tech
Book talks, or booktalking, is the process creating short “commercials” presented by librarians, teachers, or students in elementary through high schools, libraries, or even at parties as a way to entice people to read a book. Technology can enhance book talks, from being a resource of information about booktalks to creating digital video booktalks.

K-12 Distance Learning

Resources, information, links concerning K12 Distance Learning. Includes information for: Distance Learning Success Factors; Virtual Schools and K-12 Distance Learning Research References; K12 Distance Learning Organizations; and Distance Learning Journals.
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