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About Dr. Cavanaugh

What we do...

In addition to being a university teacher I am also technical writer, curriculum writer, educational consultant and workshop presenter.   I work in a wide variety of areas including instructional technology,  assistive technology in education, science education, distance learning, digital cameras, web design, multimedia, and repurposing media for education.
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I have had over twenty-five years of teaching experience ranging from middle and high school science and technology  to college science, science education and instructional technology.  


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Cavanaugh, T. & Burg, J. (under contract). Bookmapping: integrating technology mapping tools and literatureEugene, OR:  International Society for Technology in Education Publications

Keene, N. & Cavanaugh, T. (2009). Tech-Savvy Booktalker: A Guide for 21st Century Educators. Westport CT: Libraries Unlimited

Cavanaugh, T. (2006). Literature Circles through Technology. Linworth Publications. Worthington, OH.

Cavanaugh, T. (2005). The Digital Reader: Using eBooks in K-12 Education. International Society for Technology in Education Publications. Eugene, OR.

Cavanaugh, T. & Cavanaugh, C. (2004). Teaching Science with Science Fiction Films: a guide for Teachers and Media Specialists 2nd Edition. Linworth Publications. Worthington, OH.

Cavanaugh, T. (1998). Effect of Using Repurposed Science Rich Feature Films with Varying Levels of Student Activity on Middle Grades Science Instruction. Dissertation, University of South Florida. Tampa, FL.

Cavanaugh, T. & Cavanaugh, C. (1996). Learning Science with Science Fiction Films. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. Dubuque, Iowa.

Works in progress

bullet Teaching science with dinosaur footprints
bullet Enhancing Education with Mapping Technology
bullet Ebooks in Education 


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