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Star Trek®: ARENA

Episode 19                  Airdate January 19, 1967
Color               51 minutes

Better living with Chemistry, or what to do if you ever get kidnapped by super beings and are made to compete with reptiles.

Questions to be answered during the video:

1. The Commodore wanted all the ______________ crew from the ship to come down to the planet's surface.

2. Kirk's evaluation is that Cescus 3 has been ______________.

3. What is the survivor found by the landing party suffering from?

4. What reason does Spock give that the lifeforms he is reading are not survivors?

5. Why can't Kirk and the rest of the crew be "beamed" back to the ship?

6. Back onboard the ship, what does the injured man say the aliens did?

7. What does Kirk believe that the attack was the start of?

8. The Enterprise is being "scanned" from _________________________________

9. What is the Phaser Bank report after the ship has been stopped?

10. Who stopped the ship?

11. What have the Metrons set up to occur between captains?

12. What is the reptile being called?

13. How does Kirk escape the lizard captain's hold?

14. As Kirk surveys the land he says that there are scrub brush, rocks and an abundance of _________________________

15. Diamonds are the _____________________ substance known to man.

16. What is the yellow mineral on the ground?

17. What does Spock think is the white substance on the rock?

18. What reason does the reptile captain give for the attack?

19. What else does Spock say that Kirk needs to find?

20. What chemical mixture is Kirk making?

21. Describe the appearance of coal:

22. What has Kirk made?

23. What purpose does the rope serve?

24. How old is the Metrone?

25. What behavior did Captain Kirk show that impressed the Metrones?


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