Technology for Traditional Assessment

"...there is a need for a reformulation of assessment to help not hinder the effort to teach thinking..."
Shepard, What Policy Makers Who Mandate Tests Should Know About the New Psychology of Intellectual Ability and Learning, 1992

Electronic Grade Management

*Electronic Gradebooks
*Curriculum Management Programs

Office productivity software (such as Microsoft's Office or AppleWorks) includes spreadsheet applications that can be customized to function as a dynamic electronic gradebook. Commercial electronic gradebook software is available with powerful functions, including reporting, discipline, attendance, graphing, and remote access.

Test Creation

*Word processing
*Databases of test items
*Test writing software
*Curriculum Management Programs

Word processors produce tests that are easy to edit and adapt to changing curriculum and special needs learners. Databases and test making software manage item banks of questions, allowing teachers to query for test items or topics.


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ACEE/FCIT Assessment with Technology Workshop, 1998-1999