The Student Portfolio


Creating the Student Portfolio

*Students generate, rather than select, responses and products.
Students actively participate in decisions about their learning by making purposeful collections of their work, while developing valuable work skills.
Members of the classroom community of learners share an understanding of what constitutes good work as evidence of accomplishment.

*Determine the context: story, audience, whether the outcomes are product or process, whether the focus is snapshot or panorama, timespan represented, kinds of evidence included.

*Include: guidelines, index, teacher feedback, student reflection, criteria for evaluating work (rubrics).

*Goals are based on competencies, such as educational benchmarks.

Assessing the Student Portfolio

*Determine whether required elements are present.

*Judge the quality of the elements using tools such as a rubric (Sample Rubric).



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ACEE/FCIT Assessment with Technology Workshop, 1998-1999