Technology for Authentic/Alternative Assessment


A collection of representative work

*Paper Portfolio
*Electronic Portfolio
*Off the shelf software
*Commercial portfolio software

Office productivity software (such as Microsoft's Office or AppleWorks) includes applications that can be applied to the creation of traditional paper or electronic portfolios. Samples of representative work can be collected and compiled into a presentation format, in physical or digital form. Commercial portfolio software is available to assist in the creation of portfolios.

What else do you need?

*Digital Cameras
*Video Digitizers
*Storage Media

To make portfolios more authentic many forms of student work can be digitized and incorporated into both physical and electronic portfolios. Peripherals allow greater flexibility in the types and quality of materials that represent the learner's progress. Student products and performances of all types can be recorded into an electronic portfolio more easily and efficiently than into a physical portfolio.


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ACEE/FCIT Assessment with Technology Workshop, 1998-1999