The Teacher Portfolio


Creating the Teacher Portfolio

*Purposes: evaluating effectiveness for graduation, certification or employment; information for improving effectiveness or professionalism

*Goals arise from competencies: Accomplished Practices, FPMS, National Board Certification

*Working or presentation portfolios for different audiences

*Select evidence to represent you as demonstrations of competencies

*Select appropriate technology for creating, converting, archiving, sharing items

*Include vita, exams/certifications, statement of philosophy/goals, documentation of professional development and leadership activities, course syllabi, teaching materials, student work, recorded lessons, photos of displays and projects, student evaluations, student interactions, reflections

*Organize with an index

*Record, then continually evaluate and update

Assessing the Teacher Portfolio

*Determine whether required elements are present

*Judge the quality of the elements using tools such as a Likert scale. Categories of items may be rated.



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ACEE/FCIT Assessment with Technology Workshop, 1998-1999