The Electronic Portfolio


The portfolio is a careful collection of best representative work
An electronic portfolio is different from a physical paper portfolio and a multimedia presentation but contains many elements of each. It should go beyond the capabilities of paper.

*The Interface

Keep in mind
Cross platform
Delivery method
End user capabilities

Always keep in mind who will be using your portfolio: the creator and the viewer. What hardware and software are available for creation and final viewing? Ideally the portfolio should be cross-platform, allowing it to be viewed on both MAC and PC platforms.

*The Process of Construction

Hardware and software available
Interface choice
Save and Store
Cycle of Presentation/Evaluation/Revision

Organization and planning are critical to the success of a good portfolio. Items selected for the portfolio represent the abilities and knowledge of the creator. Items should take advantage of multimedia capabilities. Be aware that multimedia elements occupy large amounts of file space. Portfolios are always works in progress; to accurately represent growth they need to develop and change with their creator.

*Storage and Presentation

CD-ROM writable or rewritable
Network (LAN/WAN)
World Wide Web

Video Tape

The final product will need to be stored and delivered to the end user. Small simple portfolios can fit onto a floppy disk, but comprehensive portfolios will quickly outgrow the 1.44 MB limit. The working portfolio should be stored onto a rewritable medium, while the delivered portfolio may be fixed.

*Authoring Tools

Off the Shelf:
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Digital Chisel
Commercial Dedicated:
Grady Profile
Scholastic Electronic Portfolio
SuperSchool Electronic Portfolio
LearningQuest's Electronic Portfolio
Persona Plus

Consider the costs, complexity and availability of the authoring options. A tool that is very complex (or hard to learn) will not be appropriate for young students. Many off the shelf tools contain templates for portfolio production. The authoring tool will partly determine how the presentation can be constructed and viewed. Some tools provide viewers that can be distributed with the portfolio to ensure proper viewing.



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ACEE/FCIT Assessment with Technology Workshop, 1998-1999