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There are a number of great resources that provide digital books that can be a great resource for teachers for reading in the content area.


Subject Area - Math

eBooks for Reading in the Content Area of Math

The following are a sample collection of possible eBooks that could be used in math classes. eBooks are texts that have been converted and "published" in a digital format that displays on specialized reading devices or computers.

Subject Area Books

Elementary Math

Children's Books

Nena's Math Force, S Jarema
Arithmetic without a calculator


 Kapai counts to ten, Uncle Anzac


The Counting Story (1-11)


Number Circus 


10 in the Bed (10-1) 


Working with Numbers (1-10) 


How Many People Do You See (Job Numbers) (1-10) 


Waldo, One, Two, Three (1-10)



The Story of Shapes 


Draw Me Shapes




About Two Squares, E. Lissitzky
Squares in modern art



And He Built a Crooked House, R. A. Heinlein.
3 & 4 dimensions, hypercube, tessaract


The Cold Equations, T. Godwin
Formula applications

The Devil and Simon Flagg, A. Porges
Fermat's last theorem  


The Feeling of Power, I. Asimov
Multiplication, technology


Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, E. A. Abbott
spatial dimensions


Mismy Were the Borogoves, L. Padgett
non-Euclidean geometries and algebras


Perelman's Song, T. S. Chang
Poincare Conjecture


Round the Moon, J. Verne
Algebra, geometric figures (chapters 4 & 15)


The Story of  Yung Chang, E. Bramah
Multiplication tables (inside collection: The Wallet of Kai Lung)


The Time Axis, H. Kuttner  

Banach-Tarski paradox (chapters 19 & 20)  


Unreasonable Effectiveness, A. Kashman
math research

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