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Teacher Information

Content Areas:

Environmental, insects, luminescence, tree-rings, life cycles.


FBI agents investigating the disappearance of a large number of loggers, become trapped in an old-forest section. The agents discover that the loggers are missing due to a previously undiscovered form of tree mite. The survivors attempt to keep the insects at bay until they can escape the deep forest.

Good Science:

It is possible for eggs to remain dormant for extended periods of time. The methods and materials associated with tree-rings are depicted correctly. The descriptions of how organisms luminesce are accurate.

Bad Science:

No record exists of insect swarming being stopped by light If the insects had been released in the 1930’s then why weren’t they already known about or why did they only start swarming after a new tree was cut.

Other Information:

This video was done originally for television. Teachers could use the points where commercials would have gone to stop and comment or discuss.
Caution: Teachers should preview this film to make sure that language and images are appropriate for the level of students.

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