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Twister: Vocabulary

1. Anemometer 2. Barometer 3. Cyclone 4. Dewpoint

5. Debris 6. Dissipate 7. Doppler shift 8. Downdraft

9. Funnel 10. Hail 11. Microburst 12. Radar

13. Rotation 14. Waterspout

Twister: Discussion questions

1. Why are storm cellars or the center of a house safer during tornadoes?

2. Write a list of suggested tornado safety procedures.

3. What is the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning?

4. What atmospheric conditions are associated with tornadoes?

5. Research and compare the two strongest storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, in the chart below:

Item                     Hurricane                Tornado                   

Speed of travel                                                             

Wind speed                                                                  



Scale used to measure                                                       

Amount of warning                                                           

Air pressure in center                                                      

Location where they                                                         

6. Translate the following tornado jargon (chaser slang):
chaser __________________________________________
core __________________________________________
drunkard __________________________________________
jumper __________________________________________
rope __________________________________________
sidewinder __________________________________________
sisters __________________________________________
touchdown __________________________________________
twister __________________________________________
upflow __________________________________________

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