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Earthquake: Vocabulary

1. Aftershock 2. Earthquake 3. Fault 4. Generator 5. Predict
6. Richter Scale 7. Seismic 8. Seismograph 9. Shelter 10. Wave


Earthquake: Discussion questions:

1. According to the film, what places are safe during an earthquake?

2. Where is a very unsafe place to be during a quake?

3. Do you think that this movie is an accurate portrayal of what would happen during an earthquake?

4. What do you think cities should do to plan for earthquakes?

5. If you lived in an earthquake zone, you should make an earthquake emergency bag. What do you think should be stored in that bag, considering that all water and power will be off for at least the next three days after an earthquake?

6. Match the following to the diagram:

            1. epicenter      2. fault              3. focus            4. seismic wave



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