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Beginning of the End: Answers to video questions

1. they find the wrecked car

2. the town was destroyed

3. journalist/newspaper reporter

4. 150 people

5. US Department of Agriculture research station

6. they are very large (giant)

7. accident with radiation

8. snails

9. explode

10. continue night and day

11. a month ago

12. it is barren, no life

13. an entomologist

14. insects

15. he gets eaten

16. giant locust (grasshoppers)

17. clicking/chirping

18. the sound that the grasshopper made

19. wings

20. hind legs

21. Chicago

22. they are not effective/no effect

23. before they attack

24. 6

25. the temperature dropped below 68F, it got too cold and they became dormant

26. they die

27. to experiment with

28. by the reaction of the locust

29. to have the greatest range

30. speakers on the roof (sound of a specific frequency)

31. to attract all of the locust from the surrounding areas

32. they enter the lake and drown.


Beginning of the End: Suggested discussion answers

1. Diagram       1-D      2-B      3-F      4-E      5-C      6-A      7-H      8-G

2. Inability to get enough oxygen, body structure couldn't support the weight, exoskeleton needs to molt and without the support the body would collapse.

3. No. Cells would mutate in random ways.

4. No. Plant and animal genes are different so they would mutate differently.

5. a) ultrasonic insect repellent   b) calling and controlling with whistles
  c) can respond to verbal commands    d) calling and controlling with whistles
  d) ultrasonic insect repellent

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