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Finding the Latitude and Longitude

Mapping software such as Google Earth or other web sites such as Maporama ( to find the latitude and longitude of a location.

1. Start the software or go to the web site.

2. enter the address, town or other description of the place that you are looking for. If you donít have an address you can drilldown physically by clicking and zooming to a map location.

3. The map display should now show the latitude and longitude of the center or marked point on the map.

4. For some situations you will need to obtain the decimal version of latitude and longitude, Maporama give this directly, but some programs, such as Google Earth donít as the default. To have Google Earth provide decimal information, go to Tools, then Options, and in the 3D View tab, change the option in the Show Lat/Long box to just Degrees. From this point on Google Earth will show decimal latitude and longitude information.

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