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 Literature Circles through Technology (Technology Enhanced Literature Circles)  from Linworth Publishing Inc.

 Literature Circles through Technology book coverThis educatorís guide is a combination reference, strategy guide, and tutorial for teachers about enhancing the literature circle with technology, from using eBooks as the reading source to having a literature circle in an interactive online environment. The book provides background information about the literature circle along with technology integration strategies, instructions, ideas, and student sheets in all content areas. Included are instructions for finding eBooks to use as reading sources for students, descriptions of various free online electronic book resources, instructions for using existing school technology as part of a literature circle, and applications for using literature circles in the online environment for distance learning, home schooled, and hospital/homebound.

The book would be divided into four sections. The first section introduces the concept of the literature circle, some summary research, and a set of general assignment sheets for students to use within a circle. The next section focuses on integrating eBook technology into the literature circle as the reading source, from locating eBooks to options for printing digital books. Common eBook formats and options would also be discussed. This availability section would provide locations of resources, such as digital libraries and special collections, that make eBooks available for schools, usually at no cost. The next section highlights the integration of technology into the existing class literature circle as reading resources reading, language arts, and other content areas. This section also discusses integration of common computer and internet applications into the literature circle, such as searching, paint programs, digital concept maps, etc. The last section would take the technology into the next level, describing uses for literature circles where students were participating in an online environment, such as a course space (ex. Blackboard, WebCT), and how the online environment could also be use to allow students of different grades or classes to interact. An additional aspect of this section would be literature circles where outside students could participate, such as students who are being home schooled or were under a hospital/home bound program.

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