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Accommodations for Reading

EBooks contain many features that can be classified as accommodations or as assistive technology tools.  EBooks can provide these accommodations for reading by providing alternative formats, scaffolds and supports for reading activities to reach all students, including English as a Second Language (ESL) and special needs students.   EBooks can be more accommodating than paper printed text for many readers because of features like:

bullet the just-in-time learning with multi-language interactive dictionaries,
bullet text interactions (highlighting, bookmarking, drawing, etc.),
bullet display options, and
bullet note features.

Some of the more accommodating features that some eBooks currently have include:

light weight (in handhelds in comparison to other standard texts),

bullet adjustable text size,
bullet scanning assistance,
bullet highlighting,
bullet bookmarking,
bullet note taking,
bullet interactive dictionaries, and
bullet text-to-speech capabilities.

Using the interactive features of modern eBooks, instructors can create pre-accommodated or strategize eBooks for student reading, including items such as:

bullet advance organizers,
bullet concept maps,
bullet cooperative activities, and
bullet reading guides.

Digital or electronic text options such as text-to-speech provide users additional modalities for receiving the information as the material on the screen is read aloud to the student.

eBooks in Education

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