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Applications of a discussion forum

Connecting two or more groups of students, such as graduates and undergraduates, several small
classes, or students in different but related courses. Example: students in elementary and secondary
Experience discussing topics related to professional standards. Example: questions relating to
Florida Educator Accomplished Practices
Forming and sharing opinions about important issues
Connecting students with practicing professional and experts. Example: science ed dialog with
school district science director
Collecting data prior to class discussion. Example: science Ed class discussion on science
 experiences and misconceptions
Contributing to a large group product. Example: web design class web evaluation tool, used in
web site review
Reacting to class activity, reading or event.
Sharing new skills.
Testing project or paper ideas.
Sharing found resources. Example: effective educational web sites in web design class
Critical thinking questions: expand, evaluate, analyze, synthesize, etc.

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