Web Use Issues in Education

The Web is an immense resource for learning but requires careful use. The resources gathered here can help educators make choices that are appropriate for their students.

Internet Safety

White Papers on Technology Issues for Educators      http://lrs.ed.uiuc.edu/wp

Filtering software

*       SafeSurf   www.safesurf.com

*       CyberPatrol www.learningco.com

*       Cyber Snoop www.pearlsw.com

*       Smart Filter www.smartfilter.com

Children's Web browsers:

*       ChiBrow www.chibrow.com

*       KidDesk www.edmark.com/prod/kdis

*       Surf Monkey www.surfmonkey.com

Child safety and the Internet:

*       FBI Internet Safety                       http://www.fbi.gov/tips.htm                                  http://www.fbi.gov/kids/internet/internet.htm

*       http://www.childrenspartnership.org

*       http://www.safekids.com

*       http://www.netparents.org

*       www.americalinksup.org

*       http://ericps.ed.uiuc.edu/npin/respar/texts/home/safety.html

*       Apple's Online Safety page: http://henson.austin.apple.com/staffdev/safety/safetyideas.shtml

*       PBS TechKnow site: www.pbs.org/kids/

Fair Use Laws and Copyright

*       http://fairuse.stanford.edu

*       http://fromnowon.org

*       www.ilt.columbia.edu/projects/copyright/ILTcopy0.html

*       http://arl.cni.org/scomm/copyright/uses.html

*       Citing Web References: www.mla.org/main_stl.htm

*       Student Plagiarism Site: www.IntegriGuard.com

Student Permission to Publish Online: information and sample forms

*       www.siec.k12.in.us/~west/online/copy2.htm

*       www.esc7.net/esc7/scho/web/releasef.html

*       www.asd.k12.ak.us/schools/Chugach_Optional/library/interperm.html

*       www.sccs.santacruz.k12.ca.us/instruction/edtech/publish.html

*       "Your School Web Page and Free Speech" article from Global Schoolhouse:

Acceptable Use Policies:

*       Writing an Acceptable Use Policy        http://www.ash.udel.edu/ash/teacher/AUP.html

*       Developing an AUP                                http://www.education-world.com/a_curr/curr093.shtml

*       FIRN AUP                                                http://www.firn.edu/about/firn-use-policy.html

*       Appropriate Usage Agreements           http://ei.cs.vt.edu/~cs3604/lib/WorldCodes/AUP.Montgomery.html

*       Dade AUP                                   http://www.dade.k12.fl.us/inst/aup.html

*       Duval AUP                                   http://www.educationcentral.org/OnLineUse/online.htm

*       AUPs from Various Districts     http://www.aupaction.com/aupsonweb.html

Offline Browsers:

*       Grab-a-Site & WebWhacker from Blue Squirrel: www.bluesquirrel.com

*       WebLeech, and other freeware/shareware from Tucows: www.tucows.com

*       WinFiles Network & Internet Tools: www.winfiles.com

*       WebVCR from Net Results: www.netresultscorp.com

  Evaluating Web Sites for Education:

Evaluation Rubrics for Educational Web Sites:  Evaluation Rubrics for Web Sites             http://www.siec.k12.in.us/~west/online/eval.htm

*       Evaluating Web Pages                    http://www.slu.edu/departments/english/research/page0.html

*       Evaluation Center                                               http://www.edsoasis.org/guide2.html

*       Validating Information from the Web    http://www.peotone.will.k12.il.us/fs/anygood.html


*       NetLingo              http://www.netlingo.com/

*       Apple Netiquette http://henson.austin.apple.com/staffdev/safety/netiquette.shtml




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ACEE/FCIT Internet and the Curriculum Workshop, 1999