Internet in the Curriculum


Dr. Cathy Cavanaugh

Dr. Terence Cavanaugh


  1. Introductions and Information Literacy standards
  2. Overview of the Internet in education
  3. Issues in using the Web in education:
    • Acceptable use
    • Safety: filtering, kid-safe browsers, offline browsing
    • Publishing and permission
    • Fair use and plagiarism: copyright and citations
  1. Web browser overview: menus, toolbars, fonts, bookmarks, plug-ins
  2. Web searches
  3. Web resources:
    • Standards and lesson plans
    • Projects and interactive learning
    • Curriculum resources
    • Software and media
  1. Evaluations

Internet for Education Hotlist


Florida Center for Instructional Technology (Copies of booklets & brochures)

Information Literacy Standards:

Technology Foundations for All Students

Foundations in Technology for Teachers

Information Literacy Standards

Internet Overview:

US Department of Education Technology and Education Reform Report

Internet Statistics

Web66 School Internet Registry

Internet 101 for Education

Teachers Internet Use Guide

Interactive Leaning Sites

Ask Expert sites

Ask Author sites

Art Museums

Science Museums

Historical Sites

World Tours

Web Cams

Internet Integration Ideas

Internet Safety

White Papers on Technology Issues for Educators

Filtering software

Children’s Web browsers

Child Safety and the Internet

Fair Use Laws and Copyright

Citing Web References

Student Plagiarism Site http://

Acceptable Use Policies

Student Permission to Publish Online


Offline Browsers

Grab-a-Site & WebWhacker from Blue Squirrel

WebLeech, and other freeware/shareware from Tucows

WinFiles Network & Internet Tools

WebVCR from Net Results

Guides and Tutorials




Web Searching

Education Resources



Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators

School Web Sites

Setting Up a Web Site for School

HTML Crash Course for Educators

Resources from the Web

Software Sites: Freeware and Shareware


Media Sites: Audio, Video, Graphics

Barry's Clip Art Server

CNN Video Vault

Digital Florida

Icon Browser (searchable index of icons)

Multimedia Resources Free for the Taking

Media Links Free Graphics


Life Magazine Virtual Gallery

Animated GIF Library

Backgrounds Archive