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There are a number of great resources that provide digital books that can be a great resource for teachers.

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Teacher Books

ASCD Full-Text Books  
Four complete books on education and educational issues. Book chapters are also available from ASCD at

Athabasca University's Centre for Distance Education:
Theory and Practice of Online Learning, edited by Terry Anderson and Fathi Elloumi,

Bound by Law: Tales from the Public Domain:
The graphic novel "Bound by Law translates [copyright] law into plain English and abstract ideas into 'visual metaphors.' So the comic's heroine, Akiko, brandishes a laser gun as she fends off a cyclopean 'Rights Monster' - all the while learning copyright law basics, including the line between fair use and copyright infringement."

Has an excellent book on universal access/technology and education with enriched with multimedia examples of UDL as well a number of interactive tutorials, tools and templates. Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age

Produces an eBook titles Educating the Net Generation. This book explores the aptitudes, attitudes, expectations, and learning styles of Net Gen students.  This book explores the Net Gen and the implications for institutions in areas such as teaching, service, learning space design, faculty development, and curriculum. Contributions by educators and students are included.

Freeload Press:
Textbooks on accounting, economics, education, math, study, and productivity tools

National Academy Press
Has over 2000 professional books (including an education section) which can be read online.

National Institute for Literacy
Online books on reading, including
Put Reading First: The Research Building Blocks for Teaching Children to Read.

Allows PDF previews of selected books on-line. Our new titles are posted on-line in their entirety for six months.

Nine eBooks about integrating technology into the classroom (PDF and FLASH formats).

Textbook Revolution:
Free textbooks, most of which are in the sciences. Some for viewing online, others may be printed and/or downloaded.

Wikibooks Portal:
A collection of free, open-content textbook. (HTML). Teacher books:

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