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Books are only one kind of text based document that can be found on the web. Electronic versions of comics, newspapers, and magazines are also available.

Other Books

9/11 Report:
Graphic novel version of the report from Slate Magazine.

Manga presented by chapter for online reading.

Anime Eden:
Anime videos and mange series for online viewing.
Has five graphic novels

Blue Planet Run (Amazon):
For Earth Day, is offering customers a free downloadable copy [.pdf] of Blue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World.

Centaur girl:
Graphic novel (free registration required)

Children's Literature From the Rare Book Room of the Library of Congress:
Large number of children's books in PDF and online page flip formats.

Chronicling America:
Historic American Newspapers: view newspaper pages from 1897-1910. Scanned images, text, pdf (searchable)

Collins Compendium of Free Online Comic Books:
A wide variety of comics and graphic novels. Over 88 newspaper comic strips archived for the last 30 days.

Comic Master:
users to create their own short graphic novels.

Links to seventeen * online/downloadable graphic novels.

Here are some educational journal sites from publishers and organizations provide free online content, including articles and media about current events, some of which are generated by students themselves.  

Flashback Universe:
Over 7 high quality image comics.

Full Story's Graphic Novel Archive:
Links to a number of online graphic novels including Darkhorse's version of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds.

The Graphic Novel version of the NBC television show Heroes. Download/Video/Online.

History of Violence :
First chapter of graphic novel.

Infinity Studio Flip Books:  

18 different manga series available as online flip books.

A picture book collection that uses a flash display to show the entire book, but has no option for zooming or enlarging. Users are able to create their own bookshelves from the extensive collection (over 300 books).

Lovecraft Country: Return to Arkham:
Comic book set in H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham in 1933. Seth Fletcher has just journeyed to Arkham, seeking his brother lost years before, but as he will soon discover, all is not as it seems.

Manga presented by volume and chapter to be read online

One Manga:
Over a thousand different Manga to be read online.

Newspapers on the Internet:
Listing of newspapers from around the world that can be read online.

Next Gen Books: 
Graphic and interactive novels site:

NYC 2123:
Graphic novels for the web and PSP.

One Manga:
Over a thousand different Manga to be read online.

Penguin Books - We Tell Stories:
Exciting variety of newly created short stories matched with classics. Includes a Google map story, some Choose Your Own Adventures, a presentation story, a story told though twittter, and a simultaneous written story.

Read At Work:
A very fun ebook site that delivers books (poetry, short stories, and classics) in what looks like PowerPoint presentations. The site from the New Zealand Book Council delivers the texts using Flash that looks like PowerPoint. Very fun as the  Flash application that runs in fullscreen and looks exactly like a Windows XP desktop with book categories to choose from. 20+ texts in FLASH.

Serial Novels:
( - a novel from the Liaden Universe® by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. 
Hunt for the Dymalon Cygnet (   - a Serial Novel in the Scattered Worlds universe by Don Sakers. 
The Big Meow ( - by Diane Duane.
The Vondish Ambassador ( Novel in the Ethshar series by Lawrence Watt-Evans

An online magazine that is also published as an eBook Over 60 daily newspaper comic strips.

Links provide PDF versions of the first issue of these classic Vertigo series in graphic novel form. Go to the Graphic Novels section of, any graphic novel titles with a #1 icon () will have a download of the ground-breaking first issue (some adult themes/issues)

EBooks, including comics and graphic novels, available in PDF format.


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