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The following libraries provide books in languages other than English.

Foreign Language Libraries

Antologia della Letteratura Italiana:
Italian: Novels, poetry, plays & other texts, both classic & contemporary, in HTML, for reading online.

Aozora Bunko:
Over 2000 works of  Japanese literature. Formats include: HTML, ZIP, and Japanese e-book.

Athena Texts Francais:
French: 10,000 eBooks (French & Swiss Authors) Literature, philosophy, history, economics, & science, etc.

Belarusian e-Library:
Belarusian literature in Belarusian, with some English, German & other translations.

Bibliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France):
 French: Over 2500 digitized works.

Biblioteca Virtual do Estudante Brasileiro:
Portuguese: Several hundred eBooks

Brasilian e-books:  
Portuguese: Over sixty free titles from 26 authors, including José de Alencar, Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis and Afonso Henrique da Lima Barreto. All public domain books or with author permission. Formats include Word, PDF, RTF and Palm PDB.

Digital Library of India:
Indian: Over 29,000 books predominantly in Indian languages.

Gottingen State & University Library, Germany:
German: Approximately 4500 eBooks titles, primarily in German, French, & English, devoted mostly to Exploration & Travel Literature & Mathematics. (The English-Language titles are indexed)

Libros Tauro (Argentina):
Spanish: Several thousand eBooks

New Threads Chinese Cultural Society:
Chinese: Electronic library archive of Chinese classic texts.

ngiyaw eBooks ( German):
German works with some classic English and Hungarian books also. Formats include: (.pdf),  (.prc), (.lit),   (.tr), and (HTML) for your Web browser.

Online Books Page Links to Foreign Language Libraries:
Links to over seventy foreign language libraries with languages ranging from Afghan to Czech, French to Russian, Latin to Yiddish

Classic texts in Italian, English and Latin. Available formats:  HTML ; RTF; TXT.

Russian Science Fiction and Fantasy:
 books available online here, in both Russian & English in ZIP and HTML formats.

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