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Applications for Repurposed Film in Instruction

According to instructional design practices, a repurposed high science content film could be useful for providing examples and non-examples of science concepts in a discovery sequence. When considering the instructional design process, the repurposed film presentation could also be applied to a number of Gagné’s Nine Instructional Events:

Event 1. Gain attention: The stories, action, special effects and presentation all could be useful to gain a students attention to focus on the science learning objectives.

Event 3. Stimulate recall of prerequisite learning: A film that contains information from a previous class or topic could be used to assist the students in recalling the previous learning by watching and discussion.

Event 4. Present stimulus material: The film could also be useful to present new science concepts or it could be used in an ongoing situation to provide examples and non-examples of concepts.

Event 5. Provide learning guidance: While watching the film students could be taught how to find science in film, and they could learn methods to determine the validity of the science concepts presented.

Event 6. Elicit performance: A film could be the focus of student work, students could critique the film for its science content, or the film could be used as a constructivist starting point for research.

Event 9. Enhance retention and transfer: A film could also be used after students have learned a topic, where a film could be shown and a discussion occurs concerning the relevancy, validity, or appropriateness of the science presented in the film.

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