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Web Research

The internet is fast becoming a core component application for microcomputers in an educational setting. The web is out there and it contains a great wealth of useful information. Currently over 40% of Americans have internet access and the number is growing daily. There are literally billions of web pages in existence, with more being created every day (with no end in "site"). In addition to great material out there on the web, there is also a lot of junk! So how can you use the internet with schools, finding what you need and keeping out the stuff you don't want?

The Web contains massive amounts of useful information, unfortunately there is no real structure or index to the Web. Fortunately there are search engines to assist you in finding what you are looking for. Review the following areas to learn more about searching. Discover the differences between search engines, learn about meta-search engines, and about how to refine your searching skills to become more effective searchers.

There are a lot of other search engines than just Yahoo. It helps to choose a search engine that is most appropriate for what you are looking for, or to use a metasearch engine that will automatically search several search engines for you. When searching you should use quotation marks when you are looking for phrases or names such as "Tycho Brahe". When a search yields too many results you can use groups of words to narrow your search. Another good idea is to avoid common words and conjunctions that are found on almost every web page.

Searching the Internet PowerPoint Presentation

Internet Search Tools:

  Web Searching Sites

bulletFCIT Searching the Web:
bulletGuide to Effective Searching
bulletSeven Steps to Better Searching
bulletSmart Searcher Web Search

Web Site Evaluation

An important skill that everyone should have is learning to evaluate web information. Evaluate your results critically by noting the author, publisher, context, accuracy, timeliness, and source of the document.

bulletEvaluation Rubrics for Educational Web Sites:  Evaluation Rubrics for Web Sites
bulletEvaluating Web Pages
bulletEvaluation Center
bulletValidating Information from the Web



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