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Growing Brine Shrimp (a.k.a. Sea Monkeys)

Materials: brine shrimp, glass container, sea salt for shrimp, yeast for shrimp food.
Brine shrimp eggs can remain dormant for extended periods of time (eggs have been stored for over 25 years and then hatched). Obtain brine shrimp from a local aquarium store or purchase them from a toy store as SeaMonkeys®. Follow the directions for hatching and raising the shrimp. Using a magnifying glass, make observations and diagrams for each stage of the shrimp’s life: egg, larva, and adult. Keep a log of the events that occur and the populations present in your tank.

Diagram . . .




Growing Triops

Triops is very similar to the brine shrimp but has the advantage of growing much larger (over an inch). Raise Triops in the same fashion as the brine shrimp, but you don’t need the saltwater.
Triops can often be purchased locally from toy or similar store or can be mail-ordered from places such as American Science & Surplus (847-982-0870)

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