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Darkness Falls: Vocabulary:

1. Bioluminescence 2. Clear-cut 3. Dendrochronology
4. Desiccated 5. Dormant 6. Environmentalist
7. Enzyme 8. Insect 9. Mite
10. Old-growth Forest 11. Oxidize 12. Pesticide
13. Quarantine 14. Rainforest 15. Swarm

Darkness Falls: Discussion questions

1. At what point does an environmentalist become an eco-terrorist?

2. Pick a viewpoint and write a paragraph on why one side is the more important:
Ecology vs. Industry

3. Research or discuss and make a table of lifeforms that have bioluminescence and list the purpose for the bioluminescence.

4. A recent lab experiment spliced bioluminescent genes into mouse genes and created mice that can glow in the dark. How could mice with this ability be valuable? Would bioluminescence be an advantage or disadvantage to a mouse in its natural environment, and why?

5. Research the library or Internet about why people consider old-growth forests to be important. Also contact your local forestry service and find out the location of the nearest old-growth forests.

6. In the video a specific tree ring is attributed to a volcanic event. What other short term events could also show up in tree rings?

7. In the video there were two opposing sides concerning the use of the forests. Give an example of a similar debate in your local area.

8. Consider the following tree ring diagram.
a. How many years are represented in the diagram?
b. Identify years of good and poorer growing seasons:

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