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Directed by Joe Napolitano
Airdate April 15, 1994
Color 44 minutes
Written by Chris Carter

Questions to be answered during the video:

1. Where, at the start, does the story take place? (area & state)

2. What does the group of people decide to do?

3. Mulder states that the loggers have what kind of contract?

4. What kind of extremists are Spennie and Teague?

5. What happened to the 1934 WPA group?

6. The loggers have to ____________________ saplings for every tree that they cut.

7. What does the group discover has happened to the camp?

8. What do Mulder, Scully, and the ranger find on a tree?

9. What has happened to the body, according to Scully?

10. Why is the darkness our enemy?

11. What kind of trees are marked with blue X’s?

12. Every tree ring represents a ______________________________________.

13. What do Scully and the ranger find in the strange tree ring?

14. How do the mites get to Humphries in the truck?

15. What are bugs usually attracted to?

16. There are how many bugs on the Earth per person?

17. Mulder theorizes that the strange tree ring was caused by natural a event such as a ____________________.

18. What property do the mites have that allows Scully to spot them?

19. Scully states that the mites are _______________ enzymes, just like fireflies.

20. What do Mulder, Scully, and the ranger discover has happened to Humphries?

21. What kind of facility are the survivors taken to, after the people in the biohazard suits show up?

22. The scientist states that Luciferin is an ____________________ in bioluminescent insects.

23. What procedures does the government plan to use to control the mites?

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