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Twister Video Question Answers

1. Television

2. Storm Cellar

3. GOES 8

4. Severe

5. Remote instrument package for studying tornado interiors.

6. 3 minutes

7. speed, pressure

8. Green

9. Under a bridge

10. Rain

11. Color is more whitish over water compared to dark over land

12. Damage caused by the tornado

13. 35 mph

14. One half mile

15. Hail

16. Reception decreases (weakens, interference)

17. Get underground

18. F5

19. Parts of aluminum cans in pinwheel shapes

20. Hail

21. Bill's truck

22. Blue sky

23. Data must be analyzed

24. Has cut a damage swath

Twister: Discussion Question Answers

1. Below ground level and better avoids flying debris

2. (From NSSL) If you see a severe thunderstorm approaching, use a weather radio or battery-powered radio to find out if a tornado is approaching. Go to an inside wall on lowest floor, and kneel on the floor facing the wall, and put your hands over your head. When in school, stay away from rooms with wide roofs that could collapse easily, such as gyms and auditoriums. Don't use your phone, as it may conduct electricity to you. If you are at your home, go to the basement and get under the stairs or a piece of heavy furniture. If you don't have a basement, get in a closet in the middle of the house. If advance warning of a Tornado is given: If you are outside, go to the safest looking place (i.e., a ditch, etc.) If you are in a car, get out. Tornadoes can outrun fast cars.

3. If a Tornado may form, a Tornado Watch will be issued. If a Tornado has been sighted, a Tornado Warning will be issued.

4. Thunderstorms, hail, rain, low pressure (answers will vary)


Item                     Hurricane                Tornado                   

Speed of travel          slower                   faster                    

Wind speed               slower                   faster                    

Duration                 longer                   shorter                   

Predictability           better                   poorer                    

Scale used to measure    Categories 1-5           F-scale 0-5               

Amount of warning        days                     3 min.                    

Air pressure in center   low                      very low                  

Location where they      warm water near the      where ever conditions     
form                     equator                  are correct (anywhere)    

chaser: a person who follows severe storms
core: the central part of the tornado, where the air pressure is lowest
drunkard: a randomly or erratically moving tornado, with an unpredictable path
jumper: tornado that touches down, lifts up, and touches down again
rope: the shape of a thin tornado structure
sidewinder: a sideways moving or serpentine shaped tornado
sisters: when a tornado splits into two funnel clouds
touchdown: when a tornado touches the ground
twister: a cyclone or tornado
upflow: when the air rapidly rises

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