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Teacher Information

Content Areas:

Climate, satellites, scientific methods, storms, technology, weather


Tornado scientists have developed an instrument pack to study tornado structure. They test their design on a day with exceptionally active atmospheric conditions in Tornado Alley. Tornado chasers and scientists make several attempts to place data gathering instruments into the core of a tornado. They collect information which they hope will allow increased tornado warning times.

Suggestions for Interdisciplinary Study:


Research and/or create kinetic sculpture
Spin paintings

Language Arts

Read "The Wizard of Oz"
Translate the tornado jargon
Tornado stories and fables


Speed calculations or comparisons
Plotting map positions of storms
Graphing or working with tornado statistics

Physical Education

Twister game

Social Studies

Map coordinates
Storm damage and economic impact
Risk vs. benefit analysis of early warning systems

Other Information:

Caution: Teachers should preview this film to make sure that language is appropriate for the level of students.

The film could be edited for language.

World Wide Web Resources:
National Severe Storms Lab homepage
Warner Brothers Twister Movie site
Storm Chasers Homepage

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