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October Sky

October Sky Vocabulary:

1. auk 2. chamber 3. combustion
4. exhaust 5. fuse 6. Hodgkin's disease
7. ignition 8. missile 9. nozzle
10. orbit 11. prodigious 12. propellant
13. remission 14. satellite 15. sonic
16. Sputnik 17. weld  

October Sky Discussion Questions:

1. Why are satellites visible only about an hour after sunset and before dawn?

2. At the rate of an orbit every 96 minutes, how many orbits could Sputnik make per day?

3. Why was Sputnik important? How have satellites and rocketry changed life on Earth?

4. Use the formula to compute the height of a rocket climbing 12 seconds and 14 seconds:

S = at2

S = distance (height) traveled
a = the gravitational constant = 32 feet per second squared = 32 ft/sec2 = 9.8 meters per second squared = 9.8 m/s2
t = time in seconds

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