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Dante's Peak Vocabulary

1. ash 2. crater 3. dormant
4. eruption 5. geologist 6. lava
7. lava bomb 8. lava dome 9. magma
10. pH 11. pyroclastic 12. Richter Scale
13. seismograph 14. seismologist 15. tectonic (plate-tectonic)
16. volcanism 17. Volcanologist

Dante's Peak Discussion Questions

1. What is the source of the heat for the Twonset Hot Springs?

2. Research what are some of the positive effects from volcanoes.

3. What are the dangers and other implications of alerting a community before a possible disaster?

4. What forms of pollution do volcanoes release? Classify them according to categories and compare tem to other man-made sources of pollution.

5. Plot the locations of volcanic areas on a world map. Include the volcanic areas mentioned in the film (Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, Washington State, Philippines, and New Zealand).

6. Check the Internet (World Wide Web) sites like USGS to find more volcanic regions to plot on a map.

7. Why was a robot used to observe the volcano's crater? What other missions could be best suited for robotic exploration? Why might NASA be interested in sponsoring a robot like "spider legs" here on Earth?

8. Consider the natural disaster dangers in your area and compare them to other parts of the world. How do you feel about the danger others face? How would other view the dangers in your region?

9. What could households and communities do to prepare for possible earthquake and volcanoes?

10. Who (what agencies) in your community are responsible for local emergency management? (try checking your local phonebook)

11. Research to find out about the different kinds of volcanoes and eruptions.

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