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Dante's Peak

Director Roger Donaldson 1996
Color 1 hour 49 minutes PG

Questions to be answered during the video:

1. Describe two natural phenomena shown in the opening scene during the eruption of the volcano.

2. Why has harry Dalton been called to the Northern Cascades?

3. U.S.G.S. stands for the United States ____________________ ____________________.

4. What is the depth of the seismic activity at Dante's Peak?

5. What kind of spring are Twonset springs?

6. Dr. Dalton is not a geologist, he is a ____________________.

7. Dr. Dalton is checking the water at the high lake for ____________________.
What is the reading on the meter?

8. What is Dr. Dalton's theory about the cause for the death of trees and wildlife in the area?

9. Dalton describes the volcano as not dead, but ____________________, like it is only sleeping.

10. What tools do the seismologist use to monitor the volcano?

11. The scientists enter the volcano crater by helicopter to check for ____________________ readings and emissions.

12. How did the scientists test the seismometer that they just buried?

13. The instruments recorded ____________________ microquakes per day. 14. Dr. Dalton says that the 2.9 shallow quake that caused the rock slide was ____________________ (tectonic or magmatic)

15. How has the volcano changed the town's water supply?

16. The scientists know an eruption is imminent because the ____________________ are swarming and the ____________________ readings increase.

17. Describe some of the damage effects caused by the strong quakes:

18. What effects occur as a result of the volcano's eruption?

19. Why shouldn't the helicopter be used during the eruption?

20. How has the lake changed since the eruption?

21. The eruption melts the snow off the top of the mountain (volcano), which effects the surrounding rivers. What problems are caused by the changes in the river?

22. How does the force of the pyroclastic cloud effect trees and structures?

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