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Dante's Peak

Teacher Information

Content Areas:

Volcanoes, earthquakes, scientific methods and instrumentation, natural disasters


Dr. Harry Dalton investigates seismic activity at a dormant volcano known as Dante's Peak. He predicts that the volcano will erupt, based on the evidence of changing conditions. The city council and his superiors don't believe in his prediction, so he continues to find evidence. When the volcano explosively erupts, Dr. Dalton with the city's mayor travels up the volcano to rescue the mayor's family. In the end Dr. Dalton, the mayor, and her family race to escape the pyroclastic cloud and hide in an abandoned mining shaft.

Good Science

Visual presentation of volcano Presentation and discussion of pre-eruption effects Depiction of an explosive eruption

Bad Science

The representation of a truck driving through lava

World Wide Web Sites:

bulletVolcano World:
bulletU.S. Volcanic Parks and Monuments:
bulletNational Earthquake Information Center Online Data:
bulletSeismological Laboratory:

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