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Probeware for Data Collection

Probeware ranges from hand-held stand-alone units to integrated desktop/portable computer applications to graphing calculator add-ons to remote sensing though the Internet. Here are some examples of a variety of low cost educational probeware.

Pasco Science Workshop
Computer Interface, Probeware, and Software

This probeware system is designed for secondary science students and works connected to a computer.

Equipment Information:
Pasco Scientific, 10101 Foothills Blvd., PO Box 619011, Roseville, CA 95678
Florida Rep: Alen Brown,

Interface units start at $250, and include software. Over 40 probes are available, ranging from $16-$300 each. Lab manuals are sold for general science, math, biology, physics, earth science, physics. Bundles are available with interfaces, software, probes, and manuals from $875.

Data Harvest EcoLog
Computer Interface, Probeware, and Software

This probeware system is designed for intermediate/middle level students and works connected to a computer or can gather data by itself to download later.

Equipment Information:
Data Harvest Educational Inc., 363 Lang Blvd., Grand Island, NY 14072
Florida Rep: Craig Ecclestone,

Data Harvest makes educational data acquisition hardware and software, including the Ecolog 3 with three built-in sensors ($249), and the EcoLog 5 ($299), with five built-in sensors. External sensors, connection cables and "Sensing Science" software are available. The software is designed for elementary and middle school students.

The unique feature of EcoLog is its remote sensing capability, with which it can collect measurements without being connected to the computer. When the unit is connected, stored or live data can be viewed.

Garmin GPS
Global Positioning System receiver, PC connection, and software

This probeware system is designed for the general public as a travel and navigation aid. The GPS works alone or can be connected to a computer to gather realtime data. It also can interface with street mapping software to display a "live" interactive location.

Equipment Information:
GARMIN International, Inc., 1200 E. 151st Street, Olathe, KS 66062 , Phone: (913) 397-8200
Tampa Vendors: sporting goods and marine supply stores such as:

bulletSports Authority
bulletE&B/West Marine

Garmin GPS units are hand-held satellite signal receivers that display compass heading, latitude and longitude, time, distance and speed. The GPS unit displays such information constantly and accurately because it receives Global Positioning Satellite signals sending data needed for the calculations. The units have an LCD panel for display, and may be connected to a PC running GPS-compatible software. The GPS and the computer can exchange data and some GPS units can exchange maps.

GPS units begin at about $150, require a $40 cable, and software that may be downloaded or purchased.

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