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Terence Cavanaugh Ph.D.
Home Page

I am a instructor at the University of South Florida in Tampa, as a member of the Secondary Education Instructional Technology program. Here I instruct undergraduates and graduates in instructional/educational technology and science methods. Additionally I am coordinator for the Graduate Certificates in Instructional Technology program. Along with general university instruction I work with FCIT presenting workshops and working with Professional Development Schools, such as Pasco County's T. Weightman Middle School, and Tampa's King High. My main interests and works are in the use of multimedia for the enhancement of instruction and the development of instruction for distance learning, including classic media technologies and the use of the Internet's World Wide Web.

My doctoral dissertation involed a study into the applications of using content rich entertainment films and repurposing them for science education. If you are really interested you can download the PDF version of EFFECT OF USING REPURPOSED SCIENCE RICH FEATURE FILMS WITH VARYING LEVELS OF STUDENT ACTIVITY IN MIDDLE GRADES SCIENCE INSTRUCTION or you might just be happy reading the Abstract.

And if you really want to know all the details about my career so far you can read my resume.

Recent Presentations 1999-2000 web resource page

Current Courses 1999-2000

bulletMicrocomputers in Education (WebCT/LFAD)
bulletInteractive Media
bulletScience Methods (WebCT)
bulletIntroduction to Educational Technology
bulletIntroduction to Networks

Professional Accomplishments/Activities

Publications Print & Electronic

Learning Science With Science Fiction Films published by Kendall-Hunt
DOE's Environment Management educational materials such as Soda Bottle Hydrology and numerous other environmental activities.
Science Fair Guide for Collier County

bulletSelf-contained Technology Modules for TechLabs
bulletWorld Wide Web Home Pages
bulletWeather Technology
bulletWeb Pages I have created
bulletUSF's Professional Development Schools
bulletLely High School
bulletCollier County's Science Fair Resource
bulletT. E. Weightman Middle School
bulletCruise Ship Company
bulletRecent Presentations
bulletThe Digital Camera in Education
bulletRepurposing video for Science Education
bulletAn Introduction to Internet Integration
bulletInternet in the Curriculum
bulletMinigrants for Technology
bulletEffects of Using Repurposed Science Rich Feature Film in Middle Grades Science Instruction
bulletEffectiveness of Interactive Distance Education for K12 Academic Acheivement
bulletStandards and Instructional Tools via Web and CD-ROM
bulletRepurposing Video for Science Instruction
bulletDigital Cameras: Activities, Assessment, Administration
bulletWeb Supported Educator Staff Development
bulletWWW page writing and design
bulletAssessment with Technology
bulletUse of Science Fiction to teach science
bulletTech. instruction in use of electronic grade books
bulletWord Processing with Word
bulletInstructional design of individualized technology modules
bulletActive Environmental Activities
bulletMultimedia and Instruction
bulletInteractive Applications of PowerPoint
bulletCASIO T.E.A.M.S. grant for Digital Cameras in Science & Math Education
bulletShort Range Radio Broadcasting for High School
bulletFlight Technology
bulletWorld Wide Web Pages for Middle School Students
bulletClose Captioning to Improve Reading
bulletAlternative Structures Design and Construction

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