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Dr. Terry Cavanaugh, Ph.D.Terence W. Cavanaugh Ph.D.

I am an associate professor at the University of North Florida's College of Education and Human Resources. Here I instruct undergraduates and graduates in educational technology and educational foundations.  Educational Technology is the applied use of technology to improve or enhance teaching.  My main areas of research have been in the use of multimedia for the enhancement of instruction and the development of instruction focusing on the use of applying entertainment video to effectively teach science.  Now my areas of interest also extend to use of the digital books,  distance learning, and the application to technology for ESOL, and Assistive Technologies.  

Terry's UNF web site:

University of North Florida
College of Education and Human Services
Jacksonville, FL 32224-2676

t.cavanaugh (at)

Phone 904-620-3875


I provide workshops, presentations, and consulting on those topics also. I have created  technology enrichment materials for counties, such as ESOL technology for Duval County. Acted as a consultant for developing science curriculum for Hillsborough county. Do extensive workshops for the Florida Diagnostic Learning Resources Network on using technology as an assistive or scaffolding tool. And have even gone to far as Kuwait City in Kuwait, where I was working with the US Embassy there to provide a series of workshops on Assistive Technology for Disabled Students. Most of the work that I have been doing lately has been on the use of technology as a literacy tool.

  Picture taken during a press conference of a program that Dr. Cavanaugh did in Kuwait

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