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Unnatural Selection: Answers to video questions

1. distress signal

2. old age

3. rhinovirus (virus)

4. Darwin Genetic Research Station

5. Medical Emergency

6. human

7. looks too mature

8. isolation from people on the Enterprise

9. she gets the disease from the child by contact

10. resist diseases

11. immunity

12. adapts

13. genetic makeup

14. aging

15. environment

16. any cell

17. hair follicle

18. experiment, mistake

19. quarantine

20. blows it up


Unnatural Selection: Suggested discussion answers

1. By the time the virus comes into your area it may have mutated into a new form that the vaccine is ineffective against.

2. Adaptation: an animal adjusting to a new food source.

  Mutation: a change in the genetic structure (example cancer).

3. Creation through induced selection of viruses that are not affected by antibiotics.

            To slow this effect people should use antibiotics only when necessary.

4. Answers will vary.


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