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Star Trek: The Next Generation®
Episode 33 Air Date 1/30/89
Color               46 Minutes

"Genes gone bad"

Questions to be answered during the video:

1. What type of message did the Enterprise receive from the Lantree?

2. What killed the crew of the Lantree?

3. What kind of organism called Thalusian flu?

4. What was the last stop of the USS Lantree?

5. What just has happened at Darwin station?

6. Research on Darwin station is limited to ________________ genetics.

7. What is unusual about the physical appearance of the 12 year old child beamed aboard the Enterprise?

8. Why does the doctor plan to use a shuttlecraft to study they boy?

9. How does the doctor know the children carry the disease?

10. The children were designed to ____________________________________.

11. The children have genetically engineered aggressive _____________________.

12. The children's antibodies __________________ themselves to alter the genetic code of the virus.

13. The children's antibodies alter the ________________________ of normal humans.

14. The genes that have been altered control ___________________________________.

15. "Changes in evolution are caused by changes in _____________________________."

16. Where can a DNA sample come from?

17. What kind of cells does Data use to get the doctor's DNA?

18. Scientists believe no _______________________ is a failure; even a ___________________ advances understanding.

19. Why does the Lantree's warning say keep away?

20. How does the Enterprise handle the Lantree?


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