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Star Trek the Next Generation®:
Educator Information

 Video Questions | Vocab & Discussion | Answers |

Content Areas:

Genetic Engineering, Geriatrics, Viral Infection, Adaptation/Mutation.

 Grade Levels: 5-8; 9-12

 National Science Content Standards

C = Life Science
F = Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
G = History and Nature of Science


A genetically engineered lifeform at a research station causes rapid aging of its crew. The Enterprise's doctor beams aboard to help with the antidote, but is stricken with the disease. Only through the use of the transporter can the people be saved.

 Good Science:

The relationship of DNA, genes and cells is involved. The search for antibodies for a viral infection parallels present procedures. Detailed description of human aging.

 Bad Science:

A person's permutation molecular pattern is revived from the transporter and used to save her. The transporter technology of beaming and reassembling matter is erroneous.

There is no known way to travel or communicate faster than light.

 Media Center Extension:

Assist a class in a research project concerning genetic diseases:

a. Tay-Sachs 

b. Down's Syndrome

c. Sickle Cell Anemia 

d. Fragile X Syndrome

e. Beta Thalassemia

f. Cystic Fibrosis

Host a student debate on “ the benefits and risks of genetic engineering.”

 Web Resources:

bulletGene School:
bulletGene Scene:
bulletHuman Genome Project:

As the information available on the web is constantly changing we recommend that you search for new sites that relate to this lesson/film.


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