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October Sky

October Sky Answers to film questions:

1. Soviet Union
2. 96
3. sunset, sunrise/dawn
4. 559
5. answers will vary
6. powder from skyrockets
7. exploded
8. Chinese
9. fuel
10. diagrams will vary
11. hot gases
12. math
13. block house, launch pad, test stand, flag
14. propellant
15. goggles, aprons, tongs
16. washer/nozzle
17. sound
18. length
19. quickly
20. time
21. Werhner Von Braun
22. hospital
23. NASA engineer and astronaut trainer

October Sky Suggested answers to discussion questions:

1. The sky is dark enough, but the sun can still illuminate the satellite.
2. 15 orbits/day. (24 hours X 60 minutes)/96 = 15
3. Answers will vary. Satellites have improved and expanded communications and weather knowledge. Rockets allowed us to launch satellites and spacecraft.
4. 12 seconds: 2304 feet. 14 seconds: 3136 feet.

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