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October Sky

Directed by Joe Johnston First Shown: 1999
Color, 108 minutes, rated PG
Based on the book, "Rocket Boys," by Homer Hickam, Jr.
The true story of how your science teacher can change your life.

Questions to answer during the film:

1. What country launched the world's first man-made satellite, Sputnik, into Earth orbit on October 4, 1957?

2. Because Sputnik travels at 18,000 mph, it can make an orbit of Earth every ___ minutes.

3. Satellites passing overhead are visible in a clear dark sky one hour after ________ and one hour before ________.

4. Sputnik travels at a height of ______ miles above the Earth.

5. Describe what Sputnik looked like passing through the sky:

6. What did Homer use as the fuel for his first rocket?

7. What happened to the Vanguard rocket launched by Dr. Werhner Von Braun?

8. Rocketry was invented by the ____________, as early as 1000 AD.

9. Homer learns about potassium chlorate and sulfur to use as ________ for his rockets.

10. Draw the rocket and match/lable the parts:

Nose cone
Body tube/combustion chamber

11. The purpose of the nozzle in a rocket is to direct the flow of _____________.

12. Miss Riley says, "Science requires __________."

13. What do the boys build at Cape Coalwood to use for launching rockets?

14. When potassium chlorate and sugar are combined with heat, oxygen and expanding gases are produced, making an effective rocket ____________.

15. What lab safety equipment do the students use in the classroom?

16. When the rockets exploded, heat from the exhaust was melting the ___________.

17. When rocket fuel combusts, the nozzle directs a hot river of gas that reaches the speed of ____________.

18. If the mass of the propellant compared to the mass of the rocket is too little, increase the ____________ of the rocket.

19. The properties of alcohol are that it is stable and dilutes ____________.

20. What measurement do the rocket boys make during the rocket flights to calculate the height of the rocket?

21. Who told Homer at the national science fair "Congratulations and good luck"?

22. What happened to Miss Riley during the science fair?

23. What career did Homer end up having?


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