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Directed by John Sherwood                First shown in 1957

Black & White                         1 hour 18 minutes      

Killer rocks from space

Questions to be answered during the video:
1. Earth is bombarded by ____________________________.

2. What happens to most meteors that come in contact with the Earth's atmosphere?

3. What is formed from the collision of a meteor and the Earth's crust?

4. In what type of climate did the driver find the rock?

5. "If you look closely you can see _____________ in the rock."

6. What did the salt flats used to be?

7. Ben and Dave have what profession?

8. What happens when the rock encounters water?

9. What happened to Ben?

10. Why is the doctor sending Ben's body to the state medical examiner?

11. What happened to the Simpson's house?

12. Using a microscope Dave sees that the rock has a negative _________________.

13. What common substance is the rock made of?

14. Why does Jenny need to go to the hospital?

15. What does Dr. Flanders say the rock is?

16. What does Dr. Flanders notice around the rocks on the ground?

17. What material is missing from the wreckage and the dirt sample?

18. Silicon in the body is a ________________ element.

19. What does the theory say that silicon does in the body?

20. What is the shape of the growing rock?

21. What compound causes the rocks to react and grow?

22. What do Dave and Dr. Flanders want to do to the town?

23. Why does Dave want the formula that the doctor used on Jenny?

24. What has the governor declared around the town of San Angelo?

25. What is a saline solution?

26. How does Dave want to stop the monoliths?

27. "In ___________________ there are no guarantees."

28. How strong of a solution is needed to stop the monoliths?

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