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The Lorax: Answers to the Video Questions

    1. for fruit
    2. for its silky feel
    3. trees
    4. the exhaust fro their cars polluted the air, the trash they threw from their cars polluted the land and water, the noise from the cars contributed to noise pollution, they drove over plants.
    5. 10 months, 10 years
    6. in the street, in the river
    7. they had no food and left to find a better home
    8. smog and smoke polluted the sky
    9. they couldn’t sing or swim, and left to find a cleaner home
    10. they left

The Lorax: Suggested discussion answers:

    1. He could have harvested the materials he needed, and allowed the tree to grow more; he could have planted a grove of trees to produce the materials instead of using wild trees, he could have used some of the trees and left some to replace the ones he used.
    2. People use fruit, sap/syrup, leaves, bark, seeds, nuts
    3. People can plant more trees, use only what they really need, find alternatives to tree materials
    4. Answers will vary, but may include technologies such as: radio phone, ax hacker, road builder, assembly line, cars, factory
    5. Seeds could be planted; other forests could be protected; the land, air and water could be cleaned; factories could be made cleaner.
    6. The boy could plant seeds, seek protection and restoration for the area, seek refuge areas for the affected species, lobby lawmakers for cleaner industry.  

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