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The Lorax: Discussion questions

  1. How could the Once-ler have used the Truffula tree without cutting it down?

  2. In what ways do people use trees that they do not cut down?

  3. How can people prevent forests from being lost forever?

  4. How was technology used in the film?

    Example of technology

    Use of technology

    Long term positive or negative use?

    Positive or negative for whom/what?

    Ax hacker

    Cutting trees

    Positive and negative

    Positive for economic status of factory owners and workers, negative for environment

    Radio phone




    Road builder





  5. How could the situation at the end of the film be improved?

  6. What would you do if you were the boy at the end of the film?


  1. Learn about seed banks that provide seeds for useful plants worldwide. A seed bank providing seeds for tropical regions is ECHO,
  2. Construct a concept map showing the ecosystem around the Truffula tree. Include the resources needed by the trees, and the resources provided by the trees to animals.


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