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The Lorax,

Directed by Hawley Pratt          First shown 1972
Color               30 minutes, not rated
Based on the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax.


Questions to be answered during the video:

  1. How do the Bar-Ba-Loots use the Truffula trees?

  2. Why did the Once-ler like the Truffula tree?

  3. The Lorax speaks for the ____________.

  4. What kind of damage did the driving Once-lers do?

  5. How many months did a Truffula tree seed take to grow, and how many years did the tree take to reach full size?

  6. Where did the Once-lers put their trash?

  7. What happened to the Bar-Ba-Loots when there were not enough trees?

  8. What was happening to the sky near the thneed factory?

  9. How did the smoke affect the Swomee-Swans?

  10. How did the Gluppity-Glup and Schloppity-Schlop from the factory affect the Humming-Fish?


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