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Video Questions | Vocab & Discussion | Answers

Content Areas:

Pollution, environment, natural resources

 Grade Levels: K-8

 National Science Content Standards

C = Life Science

E = Science and Technology


In this Dr. Seuss animated video, the Lorax speaks for the trees as the Onceler attempts to use the truffula trees for manufacturing products. The trees are over harvested and the environment undergoes changes.

Good science: Forests have been clear cut by humans. Factories and other human activities have caused pollution and habitat destruction.


Bad science: All species are fictional.


Media Center Extension:

bulletStudy the resource management policies of area lumber, state forests, or national forests.
bulletAssist the teacher in arranging guest speakers to interview a local tree farmer, lumber or paper company representative, or forest ranger.

 Reading Extension:

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

 Web resources:

bulletDr. Seuss site, including the Lorax “Save the Trees” game.
bulletThe National Arbor Day Foundation.
bulletUSDA Forest Service.

As the information available on the Web is constantly changing we recommend that you search for new sites that relate to this lesson/film


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