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Ethics: Answers to video questions

1. a container falls on his back

2. spine is crushed

3. neurospecialist

4. paralysis

5. commit suicide

6. synapse function

7. 20 ribs, 2 livers, 8 chambered heart

8. spine

9. hit a mine and crashed

10. pride, his father does not want himself seen in his state

11. spinal

12. 60%

13. blood pressure too high

14. all duties

15. not to make the patient any worse

16. separating

17. ganglia

18. rejection

19. failing

20. 2024

21. a redundant system

22. time


Ethics: Suggested discussion answers

1. Answers will vary.

2. Answers will vary.

3. Answers will vary.

4. Answers will vary.

5. Answers will vary.

6. To provide others with information about what a patient wants done to himself/herself when he/she can no longer communicate.

7. 1-E, 2-A, 3-F, 4-D 5-C 6-B


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