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Star Trek: The Next Generation®: ETHICS

Episode 216                Air Date: 3/2/92
Color               46 minutes

A question of who is right

Questions to be answered during the video.

1. What happens to Worf when he and Geordi are searching?

2. What is wrong with Worf's back?

3. What kind of specialist is Dr. Russell?

4. Dr. Crusher believes Worf's ________________ to be permanent.

5. Worf wants Riker to help him perform Hup Pa, to help him _________________________.

6. Worf's ___________________ has begun to deteriorate.

7. Klingons have redundant systems and a different physiology. They have:

            __________    ribs       __________    livers    __________    chambered heart

8. Which of Worf's parts can the replicator replace?

9. What happened to the other ship, the Denver?

10. Why can't Alexander see his father?

11. What kind of injuries are Dr. Russell's specialty?

12. The devices will give Worf how much of his mobility? ___________%

13. Why did the Doctor say the Perozine couldn't be used?

14. Dr. Crusher disagrees with Dr. Russell's methods and has her relieved of_________________.

15. What is the first tenet of good medicine?

16. What is Dr. Russell doing to the brain stem and spinal column?

17. What does Dr. Russell have to scan manually, because her machine is having problems?

18. The tissue is growing at anticipated rates and there is no initial sign of ______________.

19. What is happening to the synapses' response?

20. When did death occur?

21. What do Klingons have for their synaptic systems?

22. Dr. Crusher says that good research takes _______________________.


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